Over seventy seven years ago there were 80 minute contests to determine who was the best person at picking corn by hand. Today the National Cornhusking Association sponsors a contest the third weekend in October to determine who is the best . There are ten classes that are from 10 to 30 minutes long that people can participate in. There are nine states that are members of the National Cornhusking Association, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska.

On September 15, 2018 Mitchel Burns hung up his hook. He had come to the end of his row. He had picked a record load with no deductions for gleanings or husks. He died from injuries sustained after stopping to help a farmer in trouble along a road. He had earned six National titles during his cornhusking career. In the Men's 21-49 class he won in 1992 and 1993. In the Men's 50 and up class he won in 2008 and 2010. In the Men's Open Class he won in 2006 and 2015. He had written two books about cornhusking, The National, cornhusking history from 1970 through 1999 and The Cornhusking Tradition, The National from 2000 through 2015.

Picture on left, Nancy Miller 2015 Women's Open Champion and Mitchel Burns 2015 Men's Open National Champion. Picture on right, Mitchel Burns signing books at 2016 National.

2018 Flandreau South Dakota National Results

2018 National Cornhusking Contest will be held near Flandreau South Dakota Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st.

2018 South Dakota State Contest and National

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2017 NCHA Officers and contact information from 2017 Shucks Newsletter.

Mitchel Burns 2nd book avalible, The Cornhusking Tradition
This book is the information about the national cornhusking contests from 2000 to 2015

Womens Open Contestant Nancy Miller Picks Most Clean Pounds per Minute in 2015

When Farmers Were Heroes, a documentary on the corn husking contests from 1924 to the present.

National Championship 2009 National Contest Results, Indiana
National Rules 2010 National Contest Results, Oakley, Kansas
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2004 National Contest Results Oakley, Kansas 2015 National Contest Results, West Lafayette, Indiana
2005 National Contest Results Marshall, Missouri in HTML format 2016 National Contest Results, Goodhue, Minnesota
2006 National Contest Results Columbus, Nebraska 2017 Marshall, Missouri National Results
2007 National Contest Results. Dell Rapids, South Dakota
2008 National Contest Results. Roseville, Illinois

Husks Deduction Chart from Mitchel Burns 1st Book

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2013 Atchison Fund Raising Corn Shucking Contest 2005 Illinois Cornhusking, Ten ears of corn for Ethanol

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